This fandom can be a really negative place at times. Let's bring a little more happiness into the fandom by expressing our love for one another and the band.

Share your secrets about how much you love other members of the fandom (and/or the members of Tokio Hotel themselves) and express how amazing s/he is!

If someone has already posted about the person you want to love on, don't hesitate to post about that person again. The more love, the better!

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Ever since I got to know you, you have always been a person who was there for me whenever I needed you, and honestly, I can never thank those 4 amazing German guys enough for getting to know you through them. I don’t know what I would do without you. <3

To all them fans who are still hanging on, still being cool about waiting, still love all four equally… and still don’t whine.

You all rock. And you are all making my day. I wish I could invite all of you home and offer you a big yummy cake and a big hug. Just saying. Lots and lots of love to all off you.


Every single time I see a new story (or a new chapter of a running story) come up on THF, it fills me with near unreasonably amounts of glee.  In my personal opinion, you’re one of the best writers this fandom has, and a welcome breath of literary goodness for everyone to enjoy.


You are amazing on so many levels.  Amazing.  I count myself as so lucky to have met you and made friends. <3


When I joined THF, I lurked for the longest time. There were already so many amazing contributors, and I thought maybe I could just sneak under the radar, quietly post my stuff and just leave it there - like a baby on a doorstep, like I’m sure I’ve said before.

I didn’t think anyone would actually read my stuff, or give me a second glance - which was the only reason I ever posted. I was overjoyed when I got three reviews on my first chapter, the day I had posted it - and yours was the first, and is still the best.

You validated me so fast I had whiplash, and sometimes I think I still have it - I reel, thinking about all the love and support you’ve given me, you have validated in me in so many different ways, as cheesy as that sounds.

So many people in fandom are so negative, and I think you should know how much everyone appreciates how upbeat and positive and loving you are, to everyone, regardless of mistakes or personal opinions. You’re like a mother to all of us fans, and I hope you feel every day how loved and appreciated you are.

Thank you so much for everything. We love you. :)


THF will not be the same without all of your amazing contributions. I’m so sorry that the readers have left your writing out in the cold and flocked to the less deserving. I know you’re not leaving the fandom but since fic is 90% of it for me, it feels like it. I’ll miss you. *hugs* ;(


Girl, you are naughty and silly and so much fun, but you’re also one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve ever met. Becoming friends with you has been one of the best parts of joining this fandom.  &hearts;


I miss you in TH fandom. It’s not the same without you. &hearts;


You’re so multi-talented, you leave me in awe, and your love of Bill is beautiful.  It seems like whenever fandom needs something, you’re right there, forging the way and creating something perfect for us.  Thanks for all you do for the fandom. :)


I think you’re an incredible writer and you deserve much more recognition for that.  I’m so glad whenever you participate in fests because the work you contribute is fantastic. :)


You are so incredibly talented and smart.  I’m a huge fan of your stories because they’re honestly amazing, but beyond that, I think you’re an inspirational person.  I know things for you have been tough but you always push through, always look for the next opportunity to try to make things better, and I think most people could learn a lot from your outlook.  I wish amazing things for you because you deserve all of them. &hearts;

@ashespashes, @mohanrocks, @southernangelth, @zeph317toho

Ladies, you are the new wave of incredible writers on THF.  Your stories are compelling, well-written and addictive, and you’re all lovely people, to boot.  I’m so glad you found Tokio Hotel and THF. :)


Your honesty, level-headedness and knowledge of the band’s history is as essential to this fandom as your wit.  You’re a mainstay and fandom wouldn’t be the same without you. <3


Your passion and caring for the band knows no bounds.  I don’t know anyone who votes as much as you do, who cheerleads as much as you do.  It’s inspirational and great to see. Thank you for that!


You’re one of my favourite of favourite people in this fandom. I love reading what you have to say, whether it’s about the guys, or yourself or your friends or the fandom. Whatever you say makes so much sense and is always written in such a beautiful way. You are someone I really admire for being who you are and someone I really love. You are strong and loving and one of the nicest girls in the whole universe! You always have a kind or thoughtful word to share and you always say the right things when I need a friend. I’m so happy I can call you my friend because I love you lots and lots and WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO EXPRESS HOW AMAZING I THINK YOU ARE.